Saturday, August 18, 2012

11. 15 favorite things

(in no particular order, tho the kiddos and husband do belong at the top 😉)

My kids

My husband

My city (New Orleans)

Cameras/taking pictures

Reading a good engrossing book

Wine (how did I make it to no. 6 before listing this?)


A pretty beach

Hawaii (even tho I've only been there once, I'm pretty sure it's a favorite thing)

The rainforest (cloud forest?) in Costa Rica. But not Costa Rica as a whole. Because obviously. But I did love the rainforest. It's one of my happy places I escape to in my head when I'm über stressed.

Football season. We're Saints fans, duh.

(writer's note: this post has been in my blogger+ app for well over a month, unposted and obviously unfinished. I give up and am posting as is... Only 11 favorite things.)