Thursday, June 4, 2015

8 weeks

Baby is looking good in there. I've had two ultrasounds, now.

Last week, after spending the entire day in bed, barely able to stand for more than a minute, throwing up, and then spotting, I finally called the doctor and was promptly told to go in to the ER and get fluids and an ultrasound. So, off we went. I was pretty dehydrated, pulse was high and blood pressure was low. Baby appeared fine on the ultrasound, no explanation for the spotting. After two bags of fluids, and a dose of zofran, I felt somewhat better. 

One week later, I'm still not great. I've seen my OB now, we've seen the baby again (right on track, heartbeat of 175!), and I'm taking quite the cocktail of meds. Zofran, b6, unisom, Pepcid, prenatals only at night before bed (when I can manage to choke them down - I gag when I try to take them - that's never happened before). I'm trying to keep food in my stomach, and force liquids and Gatorade and even Pedialyte. 

I'm miserable. 

I'm counting the days. The weeks. One hour at a time. I just want to not be sick anymore.

Tonight I took a shower and all I could think about was fall. By fall, I'll be past this misery. By fall, we'll know if we'll be welcoming a girl or boy. 

It's only June 4th. *sigh*