Sunday, May 26, 2013

Five Years

Today, Jimmy and I have been married for five years.

On May 25, 2008, I walked down the aisle to Songbird. 

We walked back up, husband and wife, to All I Want is You.

We danced to Baby's Got Sauce, and Angel

We hand picked our music, expressing our excitement, our joy, our love though song. Hoping those in attendance (and paying attention) could feel how we felt. 

Five years later; two children, a couple vacations, a few cars, the same home, less money, more years behind us. They haven't been easy, but there's not much I would change - especially knowing that we were gifted with our two precious daughters in the process.

And while Jimmy and I may not be spending the day together (he had to work... such is the life of a chef on a Saturday night), on the off chance that he's reading this (*ahem*), I want him to know that I love him more today than five years ago. Sometimes it goes unsaid, and is hidden beneath the stress and exhaustion of daily life, but it is there. He has been my best friend for eleven years, we've grown up together, and I cannot imagine my life without him in it. 

I might toast myself tonight, but we'll make up for it when we can. Happy Anniversary, my love.

{Our wedding video recap. What an evening!}


Photos courtesy of Matthew Foster Photography.
Video courtesy of Dyle Films.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

11 Years

On this day, 11 years ago, Jimmy and I went on our first date.

I was 19, he was 22.  We went to see a horrible movie (Changing Lanes, anyone?), then laughed at how bad it was.

a few weeks later, on an impromptu beach trip .. july 2002

This month we will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary.  Wow, how time flies.

Welcome back.

It's May. I always have the best intentions of keeping up a blog. But obviously it falls to the wayside. Between daily life, major life changes, holidays... Well I don't have a proper excuse. I opt to zone out on Facebook or re-read Harry Potter. But I opened up my blog tonight and read my last entry (discussing Gabby's first few weeks at school) and it made me sad that I didn't document anything since. And here it is: May.

I could overwhelm this entry with photos of our past few months, but I won't. Instead:

Gabby enjoys school - she understands a lot of French. She corrects my pronunciation. She speaks it. This afternoon at the bookstore we found a book her class has been reading and doing projects around. Elmer the Elephant.

"Elmer est beaucoup de couleurs!" she said.

It stopped me. It's still funny to hear random French phrases from her. "Does Nathalie [her teacher] say that?" I asked her.

"Yes. Because he has lots of colors, he's not grey. Non gris."

At least I understood all of it. Then she said, "Nathalie says, 'Ehl-mehr.'  That's how you say 'Elmer' in French."  Her French accent was perfect.  

There will come a day when she and Genna will be talking and I am terrified that I won't understand them. We really need to invest in either some classes or Rosetta Stone. Ha.

Jimmy started a new job in January. It's offered us a much better home life/work balance. And he seems happier.

I started marketing myself as a baker selling decorated sugar cookies and cakes out of our home. I think I've done well in the three months I've been "advertising" (hello Facebook page).

Both girls are growing leaps and bounds. Aside from Gabby's Frenh education, she's changed so much in the last few months. Sure, we are in the midst of the terrible threes (lord it's been rough!), but she's so smart. And funny. And observant. Oh, her observations and memory are intense. And boy can she read between the lines. No spelling words in front of her, or leaving out keywords in sentences. I've come to realize if I don't want her to hear something - I just can't be anywhere near her and say it. She understands so much.

Genna turned two one month ago. TWO! I know they are both babies in the whole scheme of things, but my god, I don't have an infant anymore. I am deeply saddened by this. I nursed her until she was almost 18 months, and I'm sure that had a lot to do with me not wanting to let go as much as her. And now, she speaks sentences and practically paragraphs. Full on conversations. And man is she funny. Personality like you wouldn't believe. She likes to wear costumes and princess dresses as much as possible. She doesn't enjoy books as much as Gabby did at this age, but instead plays with baby dolls and puts on full pretend stories with Little People or princess Barbie dolls. She's amazing.

I turned 30 in January. I'm having trouble with this, as well. I'm 30. I say it to myself often just trying to get used to it. I'll be 31 before I do, I'm sure. My "bucket list" (I hate that term) is an actual thing now. And it keeps growing. But I'm still sitting here in the same place. My babies are growing, and time is flashing by, and I'm still here. One day I may post my list. But it only depresses me to read it.

And now I will say goodnight. Because this is staring me in the face:

And I told myself I would take 30 minutes to write before tackling that. And the laundry, and the dishes in the sink (neither of which you will get a picture).

It's a quiet house, with Jimmy at work and the girls in bed and before I know it, it will be next year.