Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stuff My Kids Say

A drafted post from over a year ago that I never posted. 

Looking at our sad potted plants that I tried to plant and grow with them
Gabby:  Aww they don't look good. 
Me:  No, they don't. *frown*
Gabby:  Maybe they need water!
Me:  With all the rain we've had this week, I think they had too much water. 
Gabby:  Oh, well then they need more sun. 
Me:  Yes...
Gabby:  And love!

Making a card for J for Father's Day. 
Genna: How do I draw a picture of Daddy?
Me:  Start with his head - draw a circle. 
Genna:  *draws large circle on paper*
Gabby:  Mommy, Genna drew the circle too big!
Genna:  Well that's ok 'cause Daddy has a big head. 

As I was getting dressed. 
Me: *checking myself in the mirror, the usual yoga pants and tshirt*
Genna:  *watching me* momma you have to be FASHIONABLE!
Me:  oh, I'm not fashionable? 
Genna:  nope. 
Me:  oh, well that's not nice to say.
Genna: you just need a dress!

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