Friday, May 30, 2014

Six months later

Aaand and I'm blogging again. :)

It's summer. My oldest will be starting kindergarten in August. And my youngest will start a two-day-a-week mom's day out program.  I cannot express how amazed I am at how fast time has passed. They were *babies* yesterday. 

I'm hoping to enjoy this summer even more than last. After a full 9.5 months of routine and bedtimes and morning and afternoon commutes. Making lunches and forcing breakfasts. Snack days and the evening rush-rush-rush. I want to embrace this summer.  Especially if it means I will be sending my littlest little on to school as well come fall. 

We're only two days in, so it's been easy thus far. One laid back-wake up late day, another with a visit to a play place. 

Genevieve is beyond excited to have Gabrielle home everyday.  My poor kid - I've obviously bored her to tears up until now.  The main reason I'm happy to send her to the two-day-a-week program. She needs the play and structure and socialization that I just can't offer by myself. 

Otherwise, we are looking forward to our first family vacation this summer.  We're headed to Pensacola Beach with family later in June. I cannot tell you how excited I am. We haven't been to PB since 2008, and then it was only because we were evacuating due to a hurricane. I miss the sand and sun. The lack of schedule and work. The family time. The water.  And I am so happy to allow our girls to experience it this year. 

I want to write more. But this has become a long post and I'll have to gather my thoughts and try a few themed posts in the coming weeks. 

I'm glad to be back - even it it's only to document my journey with my littles. 

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